Nature Israel Tours

Experience Israel Like Never Before

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Future trips will be focused on:

  • Water and Climate Change
  • Bird Migrations
  • Other Environmental Topics


The Experience:

Nature Israel Tours are unique environment driven Israel trips created for people that want to visit Israel and are interested in nature, wildlife, and/or conservation and environmental sustainability. Rather than visit the same tourist sites again, Nature Israel participants are interested in getting off the beaten path.


Our tours take you to beautiful natural open spaces that SPNI protects, as well as special urban nature sites where you can view native animals and migrating birds. Nature Israel tours are co-led by SPNI staff and feature SPNI sites, programs, and learning about the history and achievements.

You will explore and learn about Israel’s nature and wildlife, of the land, sea, and air. There are different themed tours, with bespoke itineraries. Spring trips typically visit the south of Israel including Eilat’s coral reefs and fall trips visit the north of Israel during the peak of bird migration in the Hula Valley.


Some Nature Israel Tours will explore Israeli achievements and current efforts at sustainability and combating climate change, including issues of water, carbon capture, reducing pollution and solid waste, alternative energies that are supported by SPNI, and more.


Tours can offer varying levels of intensity, from short easy nature walks to more active trips with hiking. Trips are focused on adults, but family trips can be arranged to include young people of 10 years of age and up. Tour packages include hotel stays, most meals and in-country transfers.