Achieving Impact


Thanks to the generous support of Nature Israel’s donors, SPNI has been able to make many significant achievements. With your support, we can maintain the momentum and do even more.

Recent Accomplishments

70 Years of Environmental Impact


Revived Hula Wetlands

Previously drained wetlands were reflooded and returned to nature, allowing breeding grounds for hundreds of species.


Preserved Coral Reefs

To save Eilat’s coral reefs, coral picking was made illegal and the coastal nature reserve was established.


Preserved Carmel Forest

Israel’s first large public campaign, “Demonstration of Thousands,” saved this biblical forest from early development plans.


Preserved Wildflower Population

The most influential public campaign in Israel stimulated behavioral change and prevented the extinction of wildflowers due to over-picking.


Facilitated ‘Children Leading Change’

SPNI’s environmental education programs were adopted by the Ministry of Education nationwide and mainstreamed in public schools.


Saved Gilbo Iris Flower

Facilitated the cancellation of building plans that prevented the extinction of this unique majestic flower species.


Secured Har Tzin Boulders

The unique geological formation of ‘Bulbusim’ boulders was saved after the nearby railway line was canceled.


Enabled Land of the Rivers Project

Kibbutzniks and SPNI worked together to prevent redirection of the upper Dan River’s tributaries, saving the famous Banias nature attraction.


Saved Ashdod Dunes

Turned Israel’s last natural dune habitats into a nature reserve.

1992 - Present

Maintained Crane Feeding Project

A groundbreaking conservation initiative assists farmers, aids migrating birds, and has become an international eco-tourism attraction.


Developed Israel National Trail

Blazed the 620-mile epic trail that stretches across Israel and managed Israel’s 6,000+ mile network of hiking trails.


Established Ariel Sharon Park

Transformed Israel’s largest landfill into Tel Aviv’s own ‘Central Park.’


Developed Gazelle Valley

Following a robust public struggle and planning process, we helped establish Israel’s first urban wildlife park.


Protected the Kinneret Circular Trail

Assured unhindered public access to the Sea of Galilee’s entire shoreline, increasing recreational opportunities.


Advanced Coastal Law

Initiated laws that ensure Israel’s untouched beaches remain accessible and free for the public.


Preserved Jerusalem Forest

Spearheaded a massive public campaign that saved Jerusalem’s green lung.


Elected National Bird

Held a national competition where 150,000 people voted to choose the Hoopoe bird as the official state symbol.


Stimulated Fisheries Reform

Legislator and stakeholder-engagement activities resulted in the implementation of more sustainable practices.


Established Army for Protection of Israel

This organization empowers and supports the IDF in developing innovative conservation projects in secured areas.


Preserved Valley of Elah

Enabled this biblical valley to be saved by facilitating the banning of an experimental oil shale fracking process.


Established Gazelle Valley Park

Israel's first world-class urban nature site opens to the public in the heart of Jerusalem, beginning a highly successful program to breed mountain gazelles and return them to the Jerusalem hills.

2021 - Present

Start-Up Nature

Launched our Start-Up Nature project to rewild fishponds into a network of nature reserves.


Elected National Butterfly

Declared the common blue butterfly Israel’s national butterfly on Sunday after a vote involving tens of thousands of schoolchildren and members of the general public.

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