Gazelle Valley

Gazelle Valley is the biggest urban nature site in Israel. It is the best place to watch the mountain gazelles  species in their natural habitat. About 65 members of this endangered species are living in the park, leading a mostly natural lifestyle. Like in the wild, the gazelles  find food on their own, breed, raise their young, and fight over territory. Alongside the gazelles the park is home to dozens of species of birds, reptiles, insects, and plants, compiling a functioning urban ecosystem

Our Herd of Gazelles

Before the park was established to protect them, the years gazelles spent trapped in the valley did not come without a cost. Most fawns born in those years were eaten by stray dogs and city-dwelling jackals, and those who survived to adulthood were likely to be killed in the traffic of the nearby highway. When the Gazelle Valley park was finally established, there were only 3 surviving gazelles.


In the first two years of the park’s existence, several additional gazelles, who  were rescued from illegal captivity, were introduced to the park. Since 2017, the herd has been growing independently; the last breeding season, starting in the spring of 2019, yielded 13 new fawns, and the herd reached the unprecedented  amount of 47 gazelles!

The Tortoise Shelter

Gazelle Valley contains a shelter to rehabilitate tortoises that have been kept in captivity. These tortoises were given to us after many people who kept them in their homes learned that it is forbidden to keep animals that come from the wild. In the shelter we provide tortoises with suitable food, water and shelter. Once every few weeks, the tortoises that were brought to the shelter are handed over to the Nature Authority of the Parks, the tortoises are sorted according to their medical condition, and it is determined whether they can survive in the wild, or whether they will be delivered to suitable animal shelters where their needs will be taken care of.


Most tortoises will spend a relatively short time in the shelter. Almost all tortoises that have lived longer than a few months in captivity need veterinary treatment, and they are transferred to veterinarians who specialize in the treatment of wild animals. Unfortunately, only a few of the tortoises will be able to survive in the wild, but those who cannot survive will be transferred to appropriate homes where they will receive proper care for the rest of their lives.

Visitor Information

Entrance to the valley and the activities in it for the general public are free of charge. There is no need to arrange an arrival. No entry 20 minutes before closing time.


Hours of Operation: 06:30 – 17:00

Address: פארק עמק הצבאים, Jerusalem, Israel