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Bringing the Dead Sea to Life

SPNI, the Hoopoe Foundation, and the International Artists for Nature Foundation, in cooperation with the Dead Sea Research Institute and the Amman Center for Peace and Development, launched a beautiful initiative to promote coexistence and raise global awareness about the plight of the Dead Sea – an event that included diverse educational activities, art and ecology workshops, and a group project featuring international artists who painted the Dead Sea and the local landscapes from both the Israeli and Jordanian sides.

A magnificent book that showcases the artwork created at the event and explains why the Dead Sea is receding, as well as the optimal solutions for slowing this process, is now available for purchase.

The book was written and edited by Hadas Marcus in cooperation with Prof. Yossi Leshem of SPNI.

 Bringing the Dead Sea to Life -  Art Book 

Price: 146 ILS

Price for SPNI members: 127 ILS


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