Cross-Border Environmental Cooperation with Jordan!

A special cross-border webinar with Professor Yossi Leshem, world renowned ornithologist and former CEO of SPNI, and General (ret.) Mansour Abu Rashid of Jordan, Director of Amman Center for Peace and Development.


Start-Up Nature, a visionary wetlands rewilding project of SPNI, is now expanding across the Jordan river, into Jordan. Come hear the Professor and the General talk about the history of their international cooperation, how it led to this unique cross-border rewilding, and what this new wetland means for the region.


Jay Shofet will interview Yossi and General Mansour also about their recent tour of the US and Canada (together with Start-Up founder Dan Alon of SPNI) and will also have a few words to say about the potential environmental fallout of the latest Israeli election.