After 20 years, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) is bringing back English language guided programs! If you’re in Israel and want to see wildlife and nature, join us on one of these day trips or activities. Some activities are at our nature sanctuaries in town, or you can accompany us on the bus to get out of town. These adventures will be updated monthly, many are accessible and great for all ages.

Upcoming Day Trips & Activities in Israel

Jerusalem’s Urban Oasis: Exploring Nature in Israel’s Capital – 4/24 at 7am

Encounter migrating songbirds, free-roaming gazelles, and the people who are working to create a healthy, vibrant environment for all of us.

Israel by Foot: Hiking Israel’s Rocky Beaches – 5/7

We’ll hike south and north along the beach and the cliffs above it, between Yakum and Shfayim.

English Bird Club Walk: Birding the Jerusalem Hills – 5/10 at 7am in Jerusalem

This month the Bird Club will explore a couple different sites in the Jerusalem Hills in search of late migrants and other nesting species.

Owls of the Judean Plains – 5/15 at 7:30pm

Early summer is a great time to search for owls, join us as we head out to the Judean Plains.

Wildlife of Jerusalem: Green Oases in the City of Gold – 5/20

We’ll see conservation in action as we encounter migrating songbirds, free-roaming gazelles, and the captivating beauty of the Jerusalem hills.

Nature of the Carmel Coast: Past, Present, and Future – 5/27

See the future of conservation coming to life at the rewilded wetlands of the Carmel coast.

English Bird Club Walk: The Swifts of Tel Aviv – 5/28 at 4pm

This month the Bird Club will watch the Common Swift’s iconic aerial acrobatics in the city’s skies as they hunt for
insects before the end of the day.