Live Webinar with SPNI’s Avital Yogev- Director of Raising a Clean Israel

Meet Avital Yogev, Director of Raising a Clean  Israel.

SPNI’s earliest – and best-known – campaigns revolved around the protection of Israel’s wildflowers. Using a combination of legal means and educational measures, the organization managed to completely stop the widespread habit of flower picking – once and for all. This legendary campaign was so popular that it triggered the formation of SPNI’s Environmental Education division, which operates in schools across Israel.

Today Israel faces a significant challenge with wide spread garbage disposal in its natural open spaces. The beauty of the country’s landscapes, from its stunning beaches to its picturesque mountains, is marred by the presence of litter and waste.

Join Avital Yogev and learn about Raising a Clean Israel – SPNI’s new initiative to battle this challenge and create awareness among the public about the importance of responsible waste management through education.