Nature as an Agent of Resilience – How the Healing Power of Nature Can Help Us Overcome Trauma

The recent terrorist attacks on civilians in Israel that started on October 7th, 2023, have shocked and appalled our society. A whole generation of Israelis have been traumatized by the scope and cruelness of the atrocities.

How do you heal a society deeply in grief and trauma?

Studies have shown that exposure to nature and natural environments have therapeutic and healing effects, especially in the context of trauma. This concept is often referred to as “ecotherapy” or “nature therapy.”

Watch our recording of Birdlife Israel’s Alena Kacal live webinar that explores the different healing aspects of nature and how access to the outdoors helps build personal and community resilience to trauma and crisis. Learn how SPNI is acting to do this in its immediate emergency response to the current crisis.

Alena Kacal has been an environmental educator for the last 35 years in Trinidad, the USA and Israel.  She was the Director of the Nili and David Jerusalem Bird Observatory before becoming the Director of Tourism and Outreach of Birdlife Israel at the beginning of the year.  A life long birder – she firmly believes in the healing power of nature and heads outdoors whenever possible.