SPNI’s Response

During Israel’s National Emergency

Nature Israel provides support for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Israel’s oldest and largest independent nonprofit environmental organization. As a part of the fabric of Israeli Society, SPNI has housed over 1,000 families from the Gaza envelope and others who were required to evacuate from danger zones but had no government funded shelter because they live further than 4 kilometers from Gaza, like S’derot. SPNI housed these families for free in its field schools in various safe locations across Israel, and gave them full board and an astounding array of educational and recreational activities and services, including laundry. The photo above is of families sheltering at our Mitzpe Ramon field school.


During this very difficult time, when the State of Israel is in a state of emergency, the Education Department of SPNI is working to create and provide educational and emotional respites for these families. SPNI’s belief is, that in this period, when most means of communication are broadcasting the horrors of war, without filters, and the discourse everywhere is difficult, the exposure of children to inappropriate content, is a real danger.  So SPNI is producing alternative activities and content with the tools at our disposal. This includes:

  • Nature activities and loving care for over 1,000 families using field schools as emergency shelters in the days and weeks following October 7th


  • Pop-up public schools for Israel’s internally displaced refugees at our Ein Gedi, Eilat, and Hatzeva Field Schools


  • Bird ringing and guided tours for thousands of Israelis at our International Birding and Research Center Eilat and the Nili and David Jerusalem Bird Observatory


  • Free half-day nature tours to over 5,000 Israelis across the country


  • Free 3-day overnight camps in the desert for internally displaced 16-18-year-olds from southern Israel who still have no school


  • Free day trips in nature taking hundreds of internally displaced families as a form of eco-therapy


  • Daily webinars broadcast since October 8th, watched by over 30,000 people from pre-schoolchildren to retirees

SPNI has taken on this commitment for humanitarian reasons. This is also a time when SPNI’s income from hikes, field schools and activities (ordinarily the majority of our income) has plummeted to zero. We are turning to you, our friends and supporters in Israel and abroad, to help the families most in need in these unprecedented days of national danger and trauma. Please consider supporting this endeavor, this humanitarian mission, even above and beyond your regular giving.

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