Revitalizing Tkuma: Nature and Community Enhancement in Western Negev

With Tamar Raviv and Amir Balaban

The heinous events October 7th 2023 resulted in loss of hundreds of lives and kidnapping of over 240 residents. . Consequently, during the attack and the war that followed, in addition to the many towns and facilities that were destroyed, and the tens of thousands of residents were evacuated, the western Negev region’s precious open spaces, nature reserves and ecosystems in were damaged.

The Israeli Government is developing a 5-year strategic plan for the “Tkuma Region”, the area located in the 7 kilometer radius surrounding Gaza, to ensure the long term rehabilitation of the region and its residents.

For this purpose, Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, together with SPNI, have developed a plan that will ensure the ecological restoration of open spaces that were damaged by the war. We also propose new projects focusing on the connection between the unique natural habitats of the western Negev and its local communities.

Watch our webinar with Tamar Raviv, Head of Biodiversity and Open Spaces for Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Amir Balaban, SPNI’s Director of Urban Nature for a fascinating conversation about the opportunities and challenges to build a sustainable future for the “Tkuma Region”.


Sunday, April 14, Israel-8PM, UK – 6PM, East Coast- 1AM, West Coast – 10AM