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Take Flight with Nature Israel

November 4 – 10

Be Inspired by Israel’s Beautiful Open Spaces, Wildlife, Birds, Urban Nature & More!

See a different, beautiful side to Israel and get close to nature while learning about Israel’s largest environmental organization. Enjoy a week of unique insights, beautiful nature, great company, and amazing food.

 Trip Focus: Northern Israel 


  • Visit urban nature sites in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to see how we are connecting people to nature.
  • See SPNI’s re-wilded wetlands that are a hallmark of environmental conservation as well as carbon capture to mitigate climate change.
  • Get close to gazelles in the Gazelle Valley.
  • See bird migration tracking in action at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.
  • Explore northern Israel’s spectacular scenery and wildlife.
  • Enjoy a special visit to the Hula Valley to see thousands of birds migrating from Europe to Africa for the winter months.

This trip is all about seeing, enjoying, and appreciating Israel’s nature and wildlife from the perspective of the organization that has been preserving and advancing it since the country’s founding.

Experience Israel in a new way in the company of other nature-lovers, Israel-lovers, birders, and environmentalists with top-tier accommodations and excellent food. Don’t miss out!

Day 1: Saturday, November 4

Opening Evening Cocktail Reception Get-together for orientation, get to know your group members, and introduction to the trip.


Overnight: Tel Aviv – Rothschild 65 hotel

Day 2: Sunday, November 5

Breakfast at your hotel Every morning you’ll enjoy a delicious Israel buffet breakfast at your hotel.


Hot-air balloon over Tel Aviv You’re invited to an amazing experience – hover over Tel Aviv in a hot-air balloon! Get a bird’s eye view of Tel Aviv city and the Gush Dan Metropolis, the urban planning in the past, and a look into the future of urban nature in the city.


A walk along Hayarkon River Visit the Rosh Tzipor bird sanctuary and enjoy a morning walk along Hayarkon River, part of the Israel National During the visit, we will hear from Dana Tabatchnik, manager of SPNl’s River and Streams Rehabilitation Project.


Meet SPNI board chair Yossi Ben Artzi At Moshe Dayan Base at Glilot, meet with and hear from Yossi Ben Artzi, SPNl’s chair of the board.


Lunch break


The Association for Urban Farming tour of one of their urban garden projects Discover how the Association for Urban Farming has developed a large scale model, intended for replication, to increase local and sustainable food production and consumption in metropolitan areas. This non-profit organization aims to transform urban areas into self-sustaining food systems. Their goal is to create highly nutritious, locally grown produce that is accessible and available to all.


Break before dinner


Dinner at a local restaurant Overnight: Tel Aviv Rothschild 65 hotel

Day 3: Monday, November 6

Breakfast at your hotel and check-out


SPNl’s educational programs Visit a school in south Tel Aviv, meet with SPNI educators, and receive an up-close look at SPNl’s educational programs.


Visit to the Sorek Desalination Plant A tour and lecture at the Sorek Desalination Plant in Palmachim. This is the world’s largest seawater desalination plant. See first-hand how this facility uses seawater to provide fresh water to the local population.


Picnic lunch at Palmachim Beach National Park


Drive to Jerusalem and check in to your hotel


Tour the Machane Yehuda Market through an ecological lens This is one of the world’s best markets of the world and showcases the greatest abundance the land of Israel has ever seen. But what is the significance of contemporary environmental issues related to the production and consumption of food? Tour the market through an ecological lens with a focus on the emergence of organic produce and health food stores in the market in recent years and a look into what Jewish sources have to say about sustainability.


Dinner on your own and free time Meal not included.


Overnight: Jerusalem – Harmony Hotel

Day 4: Tuesday, November 7

Breakfast at your hotel


Morning bird watching at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory This is a center of education, science, and community located next to the Knesset. Experience an unforgettable up-close bird banding activity and learn about Israel’s vital importance to global bird migration.


A visit to the beautiful Gazelle Valley Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the Gazelle Valley was saved by SPNI and turned into a world-class urban wildlife site. Ifs a very special type of park, and a haven for the endangered Israeli mountain gazelle. Amir Balaban, our Director of Urban Nature, will tell you the story of how the park came to be and how ifs being used as a model for urban sustainability in Israel and around the world.


Drive to the Old City and lunch break on own Meal not included.


After lunch we will tour the Old City in two groups Tour Jerusalem’s Old City and meet the people and places that make this place so unique. Throughout the tour explore the complexity of a city that is holy to the three major religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


Track 1: Old City Must-See Multicultural Historical Tour In the Jewish Quarter Uncover the layers of Jewish history from the time of the First Temple until the present day. In the Christian Quarter, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and, enjoy a magnificent lookout over the holiest Muslim sites on the Temple Mount.


Track 2: Off-the-beaten-path tour of the Old City Explore the craftspeople in the Old City – Tour Jerusalem’s Old City and meet the people and places that make this place so unique. Meet artisans who are highly skilled in their crafts, in which the knowledge has passed in their family for generations.


Levi Eshkol House – tour and presentation Levi Eshkol is arguably Israel’s most underappreciated Prime Minister. Get a guided tour of Israel’s Historic Prime Ministers’ Residence, where Ben Gurion and Golda Meir also resided, and learn about Levi Eshkol’s impact on Israeli-American relations and the building of the National Water Carrier. The Eshkol House is also the home of SPNl’s Jerusalem community. We’ll meet with community professionals and hear about SPNl’s work on the municipal level.


Group Dinner


Overnight: Jerusalem – Harmony Hotel

Day 5: Wednesday, November 8

Breakfast at your hotel & check-out


Dead Sea Boat Ride with Dead Sea Revival Project Take a boat ride on the Dead Sea in a small group motorboat nd see amazing salt formations and scenery. During this unique experience you will enjoy the wondrous muds, salt pearls, salt diamonds, water springs streaming to the sea and sink holes filled with sweet water. Learn about the ecosystem and the environmental issues connected to the Dead Sea.


Drive north along the Jordan Valley


Light lunch


Kfar Ruppin birdwatching Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin on the banks of the Jordan River is home to one of SPNl’s most ambitious initiatives – to create an artificial wetland, to support mass bird migration and global biodiversity. You”ll hear about the complexities of managing an artificial wetland and SPNl’s bold goals for replicating this model nationwide.


Travel to the hotel, check-in and dinner at the hotel


Overnight: North – Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel

Day 6: Thursday, November 9

Breakfast at your hotel


Morning nature hike in Tel Dan Tel Dan National Park combines a lush nature reserve with a biblical archaeological experience and includes a short wheelchair- accessible trail. At the heart of the park is “Tel Dan”­ the capital of the ancient northern Israeli biblical kingdom.


Army For Protection of Nature Visit one of the bases in the north and learn about the collaboration between the IDF and Nature Israel both to protect nature and minimize the damage.


Authentic lunch


A visit to Hermon Field School SPNI is the biggest provider of environmental education in Israel, including hundreds of classes each year at our network of Field Schools. We’ll hear about our ambitious plans to revolutionize sustainable building in Israel together with experiential environmental education.


Night Safari Tour Take a fun and interesting jeep tour with a local expert guide. While traversing the rich landscape, learn about the history, flora, and fauna of the area and explore the night wildlife.


Special outdoor group dinner


Overnight: North – Pastoral Kfar Blum Hotel

Day 7: Thursday, November 10

Magical sunrise tour of Hula Valley Undoubtedly one of the annual highlights of Israeli nature is the phenomenal experience of watching 40,000 cranes take off from the Hula Valley while the sky rises over the Golan Heights. Bring your binoculars and cameras for one of the best nature experiences available anywhere in the world.


Travel back to the hotel, eat breakfast and check-out


Start-Up Nation Closing lecture with a focus on ecologically oriented Israeli start-ups.


Farewell lunch and closing session at a local winery


Travel to Ben Gurion Airport OR drive to Tel Aviv for those who are extending their stay.


Fly back home We look forward to hosting you again in our beautiful country

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Future trips will be focused on:

  • Water and Climate Change
  • Bird Migrations
  • Other Environmental Topics