Key Gazelle Habitat Saved Thanks to your Support

baby gazelle sitting cutely, now free to roam

Thanks to your generous support to our 2019 End of Year Appeal a key gazelle habitat located near Zichron Ya’akov was saved.

This area is part of a major ecological corridor. It connects wildlife living in Ramat Hanadiv Park on Ramat Carmel with open areas to the east. They enable endangered Israeli gazelle and other species like roe deer to move around Israel.

Tragically, our victory was too late to help ‘Giselle’. A picture of her standing among diggers became an iconic image for this fight. Heartbreakingly, Giselle, was hit by a car only weeks before the building plans were cancelled. This time the team of veterinarians were powerless to save her or the fawn she was pregnant with at the time.

The painful and needless death of the gazelle Giselle is a critical lesson in the importance of creating proper wildlife crossings and safe corridors.