Revealing Israel's secret river

Israel's secret river

Imagine discovering a secret river, in tiny Israel! A marvelous river canyon within the unique geology of the Dead Sea.  

Your support enabled the SPNI to act fast, research the find and launch a campaign to protect the area, prevent any physical damage make the site accessible to to the public.

At the lowest point on earth, is a little-known canyon with white walls of salt, formed over the last forty years by a constant flow of brackish-salty water from the Dead Sea Works.  Below the city of Arad, between the Dead Sea and the salt pans of the Dead Sea Works, the canyon is hidden from sight.

Here, the geological processes take place in a fraction of the time that they do naturally. The area is dangerous and unstable because of the possibility of mines and sinkholes. Naturally formed sculptures of salt ornately decorate the area. 

As soon as the “Secret River” was “discovered” SPNI went into action.  Geologists, tour guides and nature lovers have rallied as imminent damage from the neighboring industry threatens. 

In January 2020, over 4,000 people signed our petition which called for a halt to destructive works, to preserve the area and to make it accessible to the general public. This public pressure was effective and brought about a meeting between the SPNI and management of the Dead Sea factories.

Together decisions were made to immediately stop work in sensitive areas, to produce a geological survey that will examine the value of the area. Please be aware that the area is not currently safe to visit and we’ll be working together with the Dead Sea Works to open the area up to the public as soon as possible.